How to Upload an MMEF File

Each month, an MMEF (MEDS file) will become available for import into SmartCare. Previous months records will be available for reference purposes. California counties will upload the MMEF file monthly and use the data to automatically add new, and update existing client eligibility Coverage Plans and Time Plans for Medi-Cal coverage. After import, an automated matching process is run to identify client matches, potential matches (client match but some discrepancies), and non-matched records.

How do I upload an MMEF file?

  1. You must first log in to the SFTP-Network.
  2. Select your organization/county folder.
  3. Select the SFTP_DB_AccessOnly folder.
  4. Select the MMEF Folder
  5. Select the Prod Folder
  6. Drag the MMEF file to the Prod folder. Do not rename the file.  The file should remain in the format MEDS-XX.TXT (XX = County Code)
  7. There are 2 Overnight Jobs that will run

  1. California MMEF File Load – this job loads the new MMEF file and is scheduled to run every night at 12:30AM
  2. California MMEF Updates – this job performs the client matching in SmartCare to the MMEF and inserts the Medi-Cal Plans for MH and DMC if they are not already there along with the plan timespan. This job also runs every night at 4:20AM