How to Update the Configuration Key for Role Definitions (Prescriber)

Verify that the Prescriber Role Based Definition is enabled in configuration keys.

  1. Select Search
  2. Enter Configuration Keys
  3. Select Configuration Keys (Administration)
  1. Configuration Keys screen should be visible.

    Navigation Options:

  2. Select drop-down All Keys to find configuration key.
  3. Select Apply Filter


  4. Use Scroll Bar and,
  5. Page Number and Number drop-down to find configuration key.
  1. Select drop-down and find TurnOnRoleBasedRxPermissionInSmartCare
  2. Select Apply Filter
  3. Check Value. In this is case it is Yes. If it wasn’t, click on Key Name to open screen to set to yes. Note accepted  values.
  4. Click Key Name
  1. Change to (Back space over current value and enter Yes. Use accepted values.)
  2. Click Save


At this point you may want to also check that Rx Formularies are enabled. Use procedure above to find key and apply filter to see details. Key = RxEnableFormulary

  1. Verify value, which is Y, for Note accepted values.