How to Set Up a Crisis Program for Use in the Inquiry Screen

To use the Inquiry: Crisis tab, you’ll need to set up a no-episode program. We recommend ONLY doing this for a Crisis Line program. You will NOT be able to add any clinical documents to this program, but you WILL be able to write a progress note for it.

  1. Follow the general steps to create the program.
  2. In the Program type field, select No Episode.
  1. You’ll need to make sure that a crisis-type procedure code is attached to this program. CalMHSA has created a specific code to be used: Crisis Inquiry.
    1. In the Rules tab, click on Add Procedure(s).
    1. This opens up a popup with the procedure codes that aren’t yet associated with this program. Select “Crisis Inquiry” from the list and click OK.
  1. The Crisis Inquiry procedure is now associated with this program. Make any additional changes and click Save.

Updated 7/13/23