How to Set the Contact as the Responsible Party in the UMDAP Financial Assessment

Step by step video guide here:

For complete details on the UMDAP Financial Assessment, refer to the UMDAP Financial Assessment User Guide.

  1. Select the Client Search icon.
  2. Type the “Client Name (Last Name, First Name)” in the Client Search bar.
  3. Click to select the “Client Name” from the search results.
  4. The Client record will open.
  5. Select the Search icon.
  6. Type “UMDAP Financial Assessment” into the search bar.
  7. Click to select “UMDAP Financial Assessment (Client)” from the search results.
  8. The UMDAP Financial Assessment screen will open.
  9. In The Responsible Party Information section, select No for Client is Responsible Party.
  10. Type the Financially Responsible Contact Name in the Name field.
  11. Select the Contact Name in the search results.
  12. The Contact Information will be initiated from the Contacts tab.
  13. Click the Financial Liability tab.
  14. Type the Annual Period Start Date. The Annual Period End Date will auto-calculate.
  15. Type in the Income for the financially responsible party. The number dependent on income will be the financially responsible party plus the clients receiving services.
  16. Click the UMDAP Liability Information tab.
  17. Type in the Financially Responsible Party’s Liquid Assets.
  18. Type in the Financially Responsible Party’s Allowable Expenses.
  19. Review the UMDAP Liability Determination. The Annual Liability is the total for all clients (and financially responsible party).
  20. Complete the UMDAP Financial Assessment. Click the Save icon.
  21. Sign the document.