How to Process Electronic Claims

Step by step video guide here:

  1. Navigate to the Charges/Claims Click the down-down menu in the second menu option down on the left- hand side and Ready to Bill
  2. Select any other filters that you need to get the appropriate Click Apply Filter.
  3. Click Select All.
    1. Click the check box to select the appropriate charges.
  4. Click the Electronic Claims button.

Note: Every Payer will have their own Batch number. You can choose to Select the Batch you want to process by clicking on the drop-down menu for “Select Batch” or keep the default setting “All Batches” which will process all Batches listed.

  1. In the Claims Processing window, click the drop-down arrow select a specific batch number or leave as All Batches
  2. Click Process Now.
  3. You will get a process successfully Click Create Claim File.
  4. In the Claim File Creation window, you can rename your Click the File Name and enter the new one. This is optional.
  5. Click Save As

Check your download folder on your local computer for the Claims file.

  1. Image of the 837 File Displayed.