How to Document a Post-Seclusion and Restraint Debrief 

This document is to be used after any seclusion and restraint episode. It can be used to capture any reflections and/or decisions made by care team and/or patient.  

  1. Click the Search icon, with the client open.
  2. Type Post in the search bar. 
  3. Click to select Post-Seclusion or Restraints Debrief (Client)
  1. In the CDAG Program Enrollment window, select the client’s program.
  2. Click OK.
  1. The Post-Seclusion or Restraints Debrief document will open. Click the checkbox for if the patient and/or patient advocate was present during the debrief.  
  2. Indicate what is the client’s current status and their understanding of the situation with the seclusion or restraints episode.
  3. Describe what happened during this episode, interventions and alternative approaches used. 
  4. Record what the client’s response was to the interventions that were provided during the seclusion or restraint episode.
  5. Describe what strategies, interventions and/or alternatives could have been used to avoid the seclusion or restraint episodes. This is a mandatory field. 
  1. Indicate if the Client’s Safety Plan (either General Safety Plan and/or the Safety Plan for the Prevention of Seclusion and Restraints) and/or the Shared Care Plan has been updatedThis may be county specific which forms should be updated. 
  2. Record any additional comments and/or information.
  3. Click Sign.
  1. The PDF document will generate.