How to Document a Payment from a Client (Cash or Check)

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Type Payments/Adjustments in the Search Bar
  3. Click to select Payments/Adjustments (My Office).
  1. Click the Client button to search for a client. 
  2. In the Client Search pop-up window, enter the criteria to search for the client. 
  3. Click the Select button, the pop-up window will close. 
  1. Click Appy Filter. 
  2. Click the New EOB/Payment/Adjustment button. 
  1. In the Activity section, click the drop-down arrow in the Type field and select Client Payment.
  2. Enter the Amount in the corresponding field. 
  3. In the Payor section, click the Client button and search for the client.
    1. If the payment did not come from the client directly, type the name of the person making the payment in the “Name if not client” field. 
  4.  In the Payment Information section, enter the payment details such as method, location, source, etc. 
  5. Click Update.