How to Create Order Preferences

Order preferences allow users to save their options within an order. Preferences are specific to users, can only be created by a user and can be accessed by that user. Each user should create their own preferences. Follow the steps below to create preferences.

  1. Ensure you are in a Client Order and an order is opened.
    1. See How to Create a New Order for a Client for details.
    2. Preferences cannot be used in Order Sets.
  2.  Select the Preference checkbox.
  3. Complete all other fields.
    1. Fields present will vary by order type and set up.
  4. Insert the order and click save. The preferences now exist.
    1. You may have multiple preferences for the same order. To access preferences, click on the Preferences tab
  1. Access preferences, click on the Preferences tab.
    1. Orders will be grouped according to Order Type.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the desired order(s) preference.

Fields corresponding to the order will display.

  1. Update fields as needed.
    1. Note: Some fields will not populate to ensure they are reviewed, e.g. Day Supply for medication.
    2. The ‘X’ next to the Order will delete the preference.