How to Upload Batch Services

  1. Begin on the Batch Service Uploads page.
  2. Click the Upload icon in the tool bar. An upload window will open. 
  1. Select a Program the Services should upload into from the dropdown. The listed Programs are determined by the user’s CDAG profile.
  2. Click Select and choose a file from your computer file structure.
  1. Click Upload.
  1. Once the Upload is complete, the Batch will be added to the List Page. Overnight, a job will run that will import the contents of the file.
  2. When the file has been uploaded, you can return to the List Page and click the Batch ID number to open the Batch Service List.
  1. The contents of the file are displayed in a human-readable format. The final column contains error information. Optionally, you can click the To Be Worked checkbox to mark the batch as requiring user attention and possible correction.