How to Create a Client Through an Inquiry

  1. Select the “Link/Create Client” button. This will bring up the client search window, with a few extra buttons at the bottom.
  2. You must search by name by clicking the “Broad Search” button.
  3.  You must also search by SSN and DOB by clicking on those respective buttons.
  4. If no records are found based on the search you do, an alert will show at the top of the window. 
  1. Any search results will show in the “Records Found” area. Review the Records Found to determine if the person is already in the system as a client.
    1. If the person is already a client in the system, select the button next to the appropriate record.
    2. Click “Select” to link the Inquiry to the selected client.
  2.  If the person is not a client, meaning no records were found matching the client’s information, click “Create New Client Record.”
    1.  This will take you back to the Inquiry screen but now a client ID number will be added.