How to Add a Co-Signer to a Document

Please note that a co-signer is not the same as a review and approval process in SmartCare. Most documents don’t require review and approval before being marked as “complete” in the system. A co-signer is just that – someone who co-signs the document. This can be someone who worked with you on this document, a supervisor, or the client themselves.

Some documents will automatically add co-signers to the document. For example, consents will always add the client as a co-signer and will always add the guardian as a co-signer, if the client has a guardian. If the document had a different author at any point in time, the previous author will also be added as a co-signer.

To manually add a co-signer to a document, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the document you want to add a co-signer for. (See “How to View Your Documents” and/or “How to View Client Documents” for details on how to navigate to a document.)
  2. The document needs to be signed by the author in order to add co-signers. When you open the document, you should see the pdf viewer. Click on the Plus icon in the Document Ribbon to expand the Document Ribbon.

  1. Click on the dropdown under Signer and select the co-signer from the list.

    1. The client and client’s guardian should be the first names on the list. After that, clinicians should be listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Clicking on the name will add this person to the Signer list. Repeat step 3 as needed.

Updated 3/18/24