Global Codes Managed by Counties

While most global codes are managed by CalMHSA, some are expected to be county-specific. This page will list global codes that counties are expected to manage themselves. Information on how to manage global codes, such as adding, modifying, or inactivating codes, can be found on the System Administration page under the section “Global Code Administration”.

Global Code CategorySpecific Codes to ManageDescription and Use Case
REFERRALTYPEManaged Care PlanModify the subcodes to this value to include all MCPs that are associated with your county. This is used on the Inquiry screen to track when a referral has been received by a Managed Care Plan. This allows you to track which MCP the referral came from.
XMobileCrisisLocAllThis is a global code that counties will populate with areas of their county. This is to help counties better track where crises are occurring without having to use specific addresses. This is used in the Mobile Crisis Progress Note.