Care Team Widget

The goal of this widget is help users to better understand who is on a client’s care team with a visualization based on the number of recent interactions. This can serve a visualized gestalt and/or proxy for who might know the client.¬†

You can add this widget by clicking on the ” + ” underneath your name, and selecting “Care Team.”¬† This will pull the the Care Team widget when you are on the Client Dashboard.

The list of providers are included if they have been added to the client’s Treatment Team screen OR if their is an active user has performed any billable services with documented “service time” (with time defined as either days, minutes, hours) with a note.¬†

This widget is CDAG-compliant.  

If the provider has added a picture of themselves, this will also upload next to their name. 

The dots will switch from white to blue when a provider has had the following services:
5 dots = a service within the last 2 weeks 

4 dots = a service/1 month

3 dots = a service /2 months

2 dots = a service /3 months

1 dot = a service/6 months

0 dot = no services in the last 6 months  or > 6 months ago. 

Further development may include more staff contact information.