CalMHSA 274 PDSRF Counter Tool 

CalMHSA has created a tool to read the .dat files submitted to DCHS for 274 MH and DMC-ODS.  

For each MH 274 monthly .datsubmission file successfully submitted to DCHS PACES for the previous month’s data, counties must also upload to SharePoint copy of their XML file accepted message and Provider Data Submission Reconciliation Form (PDSRF) with total counts of unique NPIs for: 

  • Submitted Distinct Group NPI Count = Provider Groups in SmartCare 
  • Submitted Distinct Site NPI Count = Programs/274 Sites in SmartCare 
  • Submitted Distinct Provider NPI Count = User/Staff marked to include in 274 in SmartCare 

The current DHCS PDSRF Version CalMHSA is referencing for specifications is: PDSRF for MHP V1.05 


For Counties working towards DMC-ODS 274 Production File acceptance, the same segment counts by unique NPI listed above for MH 274 are required to be submitted along with the XML file accepted message to the SharePoint using the Excel Template named: DMC-ODS Phase 2 Test Data Submission Form. 


To get these segment counts by unique NPI, any county user with access in SmartCare to the PDSRF Counter can upload and process a .dat file by searching for PDSRF 


Then Uploading their accepted .dat file using the Select button to browse for files on their device.


Then clicking the Run button. The counts will be displayed in the Output section.

The user may process multiple files if they like by using the remove button and selecting another. Once all desired files have been processed for counting, remove the final file and navigate away from the page. This data is not stored in the system in any tables and is only visible on this Output screen using the tool.