BHIN 24-005: Mobile Narcotic Treatment Programs

On 1/4/24, DHCS published BHIN 24-005, which instituted the minimum requirements for the operation of mobile narcotic treatment programs, or Mobile NTPs. If your county has opted to run a Mobile NTP, CalMHSA recommends creating a Mobile NTP program in SmartCare. A Mobile NTP program should not require any custom setup other than the usual program setup, such as adding the program to the appropriate CDAGs, associating the program with the appropriate staff, and associating the appropriate procedure codes. Per the BHIN,

“In addition to dispensing medications for opioid use disorder treatment, a mobile NTP may provide any of the following additional services, if approved by the Department:

  1. Collecting samples for drug testing or analysis (9 CCR § 10315);
  2. Dispensing take-home medications (9 CCR, Division 4, Chapter 4, Subchapter 5, Article 4);
  3. Admission (9 CCR § 10270);
  4. Medical evaluation (9 CCR § 10270); and/or
  5. Counseling (9 CCR § 10345).

You should therefore associate the appropriate procedure codes to your Mobile NTP program based on what DHCS has approved your program for.

Updated 5/3/24