13. Add Parameters – Date, Single Select, Multiple Select, Etc.

  1. To make reports more useful, it will be necessary to allow end users to input values prior to running a report to determine which records will be displayed via parameters. To add parameters, simply right click in the Parameter area of the Report Data window and click Add Parameter
  1. Enter the Name and Prompt of the parameter and choose the Data type
  1. If the parameter(s) are not included in the dataset query, they can be inserted editing the query text. Double click on the dataset. 
  1.  In the display query window, modify query to add parameters. Click Query Designer.
  1. For date parameters, enter new statement in WHERE clause of query such as dv.EffectiveDate between @EffDateFROM and @EffDateTHRU
  1. Report Design tab now shows date parameters, double click on Eff Date FROM and Eff Date THRGU parameters to modify Data Type properties and change from text to Date/Time
  1. On Preview tab, enter parameter values and click View Report