12. Repeat Group Headers

Sometimes the amount of data within a group will exceed the display area of a page and will create data over multiple pages however it will be helpful to end users to display the group header so the user knows what group a given record is associated with. In order to do this, we will need to repeat group headers as shown below:

  1. Click outside of report print area and right click with mouse to get View options and choose Grouping which will display the grouping view below report print area on screen
  1. Click downward triangle in Column Groups and select Advanced Mode which will display row groups. 
  1. click on Static which will highlight first group and then display Tablix Member in Properties tool box. 1.       
  2. Within Tablix Member change properties to RepeatOnNewPage – True, KeepWithGroup – After


  1.  Click Preview. Group headers are now on each page