Error Type: 4411 Duration Does Not Match Date TimeIn/TimeOut

This error occurs for a couple of reasons:

First reason: If a service Face-to-Face time does not meet the minimum required minutes for that procedure code.

  • Example: If the procedure code range is set up in the system to start from 30 minutes to 1440 minutes, but the clinician marked the service for 5 minutes.
    • Fix: Have clinician who rendered the service check the duration Face-to-Face time to see if the minutes are marked correctly, if it is marked correctly, then you should have $0 rate.  

Second reason: If a service duration Face-to-Face time is over the max minutes for a procedure code.

  • Example: A procedure code is set up in the system max of 90 minutes, however, you billed for 120 minutes.
    • Fix: Have the clinician who rendered the service, look at the service Face-to-Face time on that service.

Third reason: For Group Note Services, where the group template minutes was set to a certain number of minutes.

  • Example: Group template is created for 90 minutes, however, when the clinician does the services for the clients within that group, they schedule 120 minutes for each client in the group.
  • Example: Group template is created for 90 minutes; clinician add 0.9 minutes Face-to-Face time for each client.
    • Fix: Please have the author of that group modify the minutes to match the minutes of the group template, hence 90 minutes.
      • If the group can no longer be modified because it’s in complete status, if the services have not been claimed, the clinician can contact system administrator to edit each client service in that group.