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June 20, 2024

Following are this week’s updates. If you have questions, please contact [email protected]. 

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Call for Care Coordination Testers 

As discussed in the June 14 System Administrator office hours, CalMHSA is ready to begin testing Care Coordination with counties. This testing will occur in Train environments, so any counties participating will need to refresh their Train environment from Prod. A workgroup comprised of county representatives and CalMHSA staff will manage this testing.  

The time commitment will include weekly one-hour meetings for a minimum of three weeks, with the potential to continue if necessary. After the initial three weeks, meetings will likely be changed to every month or every two weeks, based on need. Each participating county should send at least one representative to these meetings. As we expect discussion and deliberation topics such as global codes, naming conventions and workflows, participating staff should be decision-makers.  

In addition to weekly meetings, county representatives will be asked to work with their colleagues to conduct ample testing and report on outcomes at weekly meetings. Testers should include staff who are experts in their county’s actual workflows, but testers need not attend the regular meetings.  

The first meeting will be scheduled for the week of July 8, depending on county participation. CalMHSA will need to complete some setup of each county’s newly refreshed Train environment to prepare for participation. Please reach out to [email protected] by June 28 if you’d like to participate and include the name, title and email address of your county representative for this workgroup. 


Creating an Aftercare Discharge Summary Medical Report 

CalMHSA has posted instructions for creating an aftercare discharge summary medical report, which allows for compiling relevant client-specific information commonly used for multiple purposes: upon discharge after an inpatient stay, in transferring to another provider/clinic/unit, or for providing medically related information.   

The report is medically focused in that it allows for selecting medication, orders and labs. Defaulted users with access include those with permission to Medication Rx, Add Medications Prescribed Elsewhere, Add Pharmacies to Rx, Prescriber, IP/CSU/Res, Medical IP/CSU/Res, CalMHSA SysAdmin, Allergies and Flowsheets, and Medical Supervisor.  

Committee Members to Receive Invites to Upcoming Meetings 

During last week’s System Administrator meeting on June 14, there was a discussion about placing committee meetings on the main events calendar. It has since been decided that in order for those meetings to include only committee members, we will instead invite attendees directly rather than placing the meetings on the events page. CalMHSA will work with each county to identify participants for specific committee meetings. Watch for more information on this soon. 


Some C-SSRS Documents To Be Deactivated 

Please note the following C-SSRS documents that are scheduled to be deactivated beginning July 1, as they are custom versions of the core C-SSRS documents: 

  • C-SSRS-Child/Adolescent Screener 
  • C-SSRS Child/Adolescent Follow-up 
  • C-SSRS Adult Screener 
  • C-SSRS Adult Follow-up 

The core C-SSRS documents will remain active for use. Users are strongly urged to complete any of the above documents with an “in-process” status by July 1; once deactivated, the documents will not be editable. 


Guides Now Available for Legal Status Workflow 

Based on the recent Legal Status Behavioral Health Information Notice, CalMHSA has created new guides to aid counties with the new Legal Status workflow. Please find links to these guides below: 

This Week’s Production Updates 

New functionality in the EHR – and what you need to know about it – is available here.  


Upcoming Initiatives 

See the EHR Product Team’s ambitious upcoming initiatives in this list, updated weekly as products and priorities evolve — and sortable by topics like medical, clinical billing and more. 

CalMHSA EHR Initiative Report 6-20-24

Events Calendar

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CalOMS Weekly Discussion


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Billing Office Hours


10:00 am – 11:00 am


State Reporting Review


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


CalOMS Weekly Discussion


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Reports Workshop


10:00 am – 11:00 pm


CalOMS Weekly Discussion


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


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